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As a cutting-edge practice in education, iPodia Program is supported and informed by recent development in academic research. So far, the iPodia Program Office has collaborated with national and international researchers from engineering education, computer science, learning sciences, educational ethnography, and so on. The research efforts have resulted in a series of publications in national and international journals and conferences. Below is a glimpse of the publications by April 2018.

Peer-reviewed Journal Papers

Dai, Y., Lu, S.C.Y., Liu, A. (2018). Student Pathways to Understanding the Global Virtual Teams: An Ethnographic Study. Interactive Learning Environment.

Dai, Y., Liu, A., Morrison, J., & Lu, S.C.Y. (2016). Systemic design of interactive learning environment for global engineering courses. International Journal of Engineering Education, 32(6), 2597-2611.

Liu, A., Dai, Y., & Lu, S.C.Y. (2015). Effectiveness of E-learning 2.0 tools and services to support learner-Learner interactions in a global engineering class. International Journal of Engineering Education, (31)2, 553-566.

Green, J.L., Dai, Y., Joo, J., Williams, E., Liu, A., & Lu, S.C.Y. (2015). Interdisciplinary dialogues as a site for reflexive exploration of conceptual understandings of teaching-learning relationships. Pedagogies: An International Journal, 10(1), 86-103.

Conference Paper

Liu, A. Dai, Y., Lu, S. (2018). P2P Platform for Peer Instruction in Flipped Classroom. 2015 American Education Research Association Annual Conference. Salt Lake City: USA.

Dai, Y., Liu, A. Lu, S. (2017). Unanticipated insights/challenges in researching a multi-site global course on engineering design. 2017 American Educational Research and Development Association Annual Conference. San Antonia: USA.

Dai, Y., Liu, A. Lu, S.C.Y. (2017) What Difference Do the Differences Make: Cultural Differences as Learning Resources in a Global Engineering Course. 28th Australasian Association for Engineering Education Conference, Sydney, Australia.

Dai, Y., Green J.L. (2017). Academic Literacies as Discursive Construction: An Interactional Ethnographic Telling Case. The 18th World Conference of Applied Linguistics: Innovation and Epistemological Challenges in Applied Linguistics. Rio: Brazil.

Dai, Y. Green J. L. (2016). On Making Transparent an Ethnographic Logic-in-Use: A Telling Case of Analytic Process. The 6th international Rethinking Educational Ethnography Conference: Transparency in Ethnographic Epistemologies. Klaipeda: Lithuania.

Dai, Y., Li, Y., Green J. L. (2016). What difference does the difference make: difference as resources for intercultural learning. 2017 Annual conference of Chinese American Educational Research and Development Association. Washington DC: USA.

Dai, Y., Green J. L. (2016). An interactional ethnographic approach to understanding intercultural learning in the global context. Working Conference on Discourse Analysis in Educational Research. Columbus: USA.

Dai, Y., Joo, J., Green, L.J., and Williams, E. (2015). Interdisciplinary Dialogue as Intercultural Communication: A Case Study. 2015 American Education Research Association Annual Conference. Chicago: USA.

Liu, A., Morrison, J.R., Dai, Y., Lu, S.C. (2015). Design and Evaluation of a Cross-cultural and Transdisciplinary Global Innovation Course. 2015 American Society of Engineering Education International Forum. Seattle: USA.

Liu, A., , Y., Morrison, J.R., Lu, S.Y. (2015). Comparison of Team Effectiveness Between Globally Distributed and Locally Distributed Engineering Project Teams. 2015 American Society of Engineering Education Annual Conference & Exposition. Seattle: USA.