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About iPodia

Classrooms without Borders

What is iPodia?

iPodia is a new pedagogy which promotes peer-to-peer interactions among participating learners across disciplinary, institutional, physical and cultural boundaries. The “i” in iPodia stands for “inverted”, “interactive”, “international”, and any combinations of the above.

What is iPodia vision?

iPodia vision is “learning together for a better world”. This vision is based on the three fundamental beliefs that (1) what you learn depends on with whom you learn, (2) cultural diversity can stimulate global innovation, and (3) togetherness is a new frontier of the 21st-century global education.

What is iPodia mission?

iPodia mission is to use the Internet to support active learning approaches, such as interactive discussion, collaborative teamwork, learning-by-teaching, etc., among local and remote learners to create a true “classrooms-without-borders” paradigm around the world.

What is iPodia goals?

iPodia has its partnership, pedagogical and platform goals. The partnership goal is to involve leading universities from major world cultures to share education resources strategically to change the landscape of 21st century higher education. The pedagogical goal is to collaboratively develop and deliver courseware of global importance to enable borderless interactions for active learning. The platform goal is to establish common technical and infrastructural standards upon which eLearning resources can be networked across campuses to form an interactive learning environment for all.