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Get Involved

We welcome your interest in getting involved with iPodia Program. Considering the innovative and unique nature of this program, we propose following questions for your consideration.



For UniversitiesFor Universities

If you respond “Yes” to the following questions, then iPodia is right for your university:

  • Do you have difficulties in developing or updating curricula due to the lack of teachers?
  • Do you wish to develop a new curriculum quickly with minimal costs?
  • Do you want to better utilize your existing eLearning facilities to enhance your education quality?
  • Do you hope that your students can become global leaders in the future?
  • Do you wish to expand your global influence by partnering with world-class elite universities?
  • Do you wish that your good faculty can devote sufficient time to nurture students while still offering quality classroom instructions?


For Faculties and Lecturers

For FacultiesIf the following descriptions fit you and the courses you teach, then iPodia is right for you as a faculty:

  • The course you are teaching (or will teach) is a socio-technical subject.
  • Students taking your courses will learn differently if they are learning with different classmates.
  • Your courses consist of term projects by student teams.
  • You are interested in teaching the brightest students from other global elite universities.
  • You enjoy working together with the best teachers in course delivery.
  • You would like to experiment with how to teach your courses with a different pedagogy.


For Students

If you answer “Yes” to the following questions, then iPodia is right for you as a student:

  • Are you interested in learning together with global classmates?
  • Do you think that you would benefit from an expanded personal network globally?
  • Do you enjoy working on team projects with top students from global elite universities?
  • Do you enjoy helping others to learn as a way of learning a subject yourself?
  • Would you like to discourse with people who have different cultural backgrounds than yours?
  • Would you like to travel abroad as part of your courses without interrupting your degree program?