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  • Classrooms without Borders
    Classroom Without Borders
    Published in Prism, Volume 24, No. 9, from the American Society for Engineering Education An 11-university series of virtual courses reaches across oceans and cultures to promote global collaboration and shared learning. Starting next fall, every aspiring engineer at the University of Southern California will take at least one course in a virtual classroom linking Los…
  • Distance Learning
    iPodia, the power of “i” learning brings together the largest global classroom to date
    Published in Viterbi News, from University of Southern California iPodia, the Power of “i” Learning Diana Postolache | September 27, 2017   Eleven universities. One “classroom” What is iPodia? The answer is in the name. The “i” stands for inverted, interactive, and international, which work together to form an inclusive pedagogy. Created by Stephen Lu, USC Viterbi…
  • Jackson State University Logo
    USC Viterbi and Jackson State University Seniors Share a Capstone Class on Prototypes for Navigational Devices
    Published in Viterbi News, from University of Southern California Amy Blumenthal | May 2, 2017EE Capstone course leverages DEN platform and iPodia format to allow collaboration between USC in Los Angeles, California and Jackson State in Jackson, Mississippi PHOTO CREDIT:USC V This semester, electrical engineering senior students from the USC Viterbi School of Engineering and electrical…