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ENGR-499 Privacy, Security, and Policy in the Age of the Internet

Privacy, Security, and Policy in the Age of the Internet


Instructor: Clifford Neuman

This class will provide students with an overview of the grand challenges of security and privacy on the Internet and interconnected computing systems. These problems are particularly challenging because activities in the cyber world occur across national boundaries and cultural and legal differences may result in differing legitimate policy goals with respect to privacy, security, and governance across the different participants in a single activity.
The course is intended to integrate perspectives from multiple disciplines to contribute to cyber-security globally. The societal perspectives and indigenous concerns of different regions will be addressed through a socio-technical approach that considers the topics of privacy and security from all relevant cultural perspectives.
Students will also learn about prospects for entrepreneurship that can lead to the creation and sustainment of business opportunities in the rapidly changing global market of cyber-security.

This class is intended for a range of backgrounds:

For security practitioners:
You will understand public policy and legal landscape and understand the purpose and ethics behind privacy
For data scientists and informaticists:
You will understand the implications of your craft for privacy and understand public policy and changing the legal landscape
For those focusing on public policy:
You will learn to understand the technical landscape such as what is possible, what is not
Both in terms of protecting and destroying privacy

From those approaching from the legal perspective:
What is technically possible
From an international and cross-cultural perspective:
You will understand how privacy, security, and policy are viewed by others.

2019 Cyber Security iPodia Shared Classroom launched at SJTU, China