University of Southern California The USC Andrew and Erna Viterbi School of Engineering
International Learning

Lastly, having integrated what students need to learn with what they want to learn via inverted learning and provided multiple collaboration infrastructures for students to engage and interact continuously via interactive learning, the iPodia international learning is an additional feature that brings global diversity into local classrooms to enrich all students’ learning experiences in this global world. It should be note that the above inverted and interactive features of the iPodia pedagogy are equally applicable (and can/should be applied) to on-campus education at any university. However, if students on local campuses can learn from and work with directly peers from different universities across physical, institutional, political, and cultural distances, they will certainly learn much more. The diversity brought into by iPodia’s international learning becomes a very valuable source of classroom learning which was unavailable from any textbooks, lectures, and short foreign travels before.