University of Southern California The USC Andrew and Erna Viterbi School of Engineering
Interactive Learning
Because the in-class activities are specifically designed and devoted to what students really want to learn, students on multiple campuses in one iPodia classroom are highly motivated to engage with each other interactively during the class time, making the iPodia interactive learning a very effective means for global learners to co-construct contextual understanding of the course subject while developing mutual understanding of each other. Students of one university can interact with others from different campuses on the big screens in iPodia classrooms with high bandwidth audio/video connections. Additionally, the whole class is divided into different small student groups (i.e., cross-campus learning cohorts) each week. Students in each study group from multiple campuses are required to join their own private virtual meeting space before the class begins, and use this virtual meeting facility to work with their group mates directly across campuses during in-class discussions and exercises. The iPodia interactive learning provides multi-layers collaboration infrastructure for iPodia students to interact with each other 24/7 on the big classes, in small groups, and with project teams throughout the semester.