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How to propose/offer an iPodia course?

This session assumes that you are a faculty of a university which is a current member of iPodia Alliance, and that you are interested in proposing and teaching an new iPodia course.

Verify with your iPodia Liaison (or equivalent) on campus that (a) your university's iPodia Alliance membership is current, and (b) there is no identical (or very similar) iPodia course(s) already exists by other Alliance member(s).

Submit a "preliminary syllabus" for the new course you are interested in teaching to your campus iPodia Liaison at least nine (9) months prior to the begging of semester when you plan to offer this course.

Your preliminary course syllabus should include at least the following key information:

Name of the proposed course.

The host institution of the proposed course.

Indicate if the course will be jointly-taught; if so, with whom and which institution(s)?

Course credits at the proposed host institution.

State if this course includes an overseas study; if so, why and how long?

Proposed semester and frequency of course offering.

A brief explanation of why this subject can be an interesting iPodia course.

A brief summary of topics to be covered in this course.

Required student background and pre-requisites, if any.

Proposed student enrollment limit per each participating campus.

Potential iPodia university members to join this course (optional).

Any other information of the proposed course that are relevant to iPodia.

Upon satisfying applicable local academic requirements, your iPodia Liaison submits the course proposal, which includes your preliminary course syllabus and university's official endorsement letter, to the iPodia Alliance Office at least eight (8) months prior to the begging of semester when you plan to offer the course. Your university (and you) are now the proposer of this course.

The iPodia Alliance Office circulates your course proposal among all iPodia Alliance universities to solicit member institutions which are interested in collaborating (i.e., the collaborator) and/or receiving (i.e., the participant) this proposed course with you (i.e., the proposer or host).

The iPodia Alliance Office responds to your course proposal with potential collaborators (i.e., faculty/universities interested teaching this course with you) and/or participants (i.e., faculty/universities interested receiving this course from you) at least six (6) months prior to the begging of semester when you plan to offer the course.

All partnering iPodia institutions (i.e., the host, collaborators, participants) work closely to further develop the proposed course and complete/submit a full syllabus and delivery plan to the iPodia Alliance Office at least four (4) months prior to the begging of semester when the course will be offered.

The complete course syllabus and delivery plan should include the following information:

Formal name of the course

• The course must have an assigned course number at each partnering institutions.

Names of partnering iPodia institutions/faculty, including:

• The hosting institution: iPodia university that is responsible for the overall coordination of this course. Usually, this is the institution that proposed the course and where the chief instructor of the course is employed. Qualified students from the host institution should enroll in this course.
• The collaborating institution(s): iPodia universit(ies) whose faculty will jointly teach the course with the chief instructor and supervise students who enroll in this course on its campus.
• The participating institution(s): iPodia universit(ies) whose students will be allowed to enroll in this course under the supervision of a local faculty.

Approved course credits at each partnering institution.

Required student background and pre-requisites, if any.

Student enrollment limit per each partnering campus.

The first semester to begin the course, and the frequency of future offering.

Course schedules and classroom locations:

• Specific local hours when students must meet together in iPodia classrooms.
• Brief technical specifications and supports of the iPodia classroom where this course will be offered on campus.

A list of learning objectives and student learning outcomes:

• Include additional outcomes that students will gain from the iPodia-style of learning (i.e., interactive, innovative and international) beyond a typical course.

A list of weekly topics for instructions and assignments in this course.

Detailed plans for the overseas study, if it is required for the course.

Any other relevant curriculum and academic information of the course.

The iPodia Alliance Office will formally accept your proposed course with an unique iPodia course designation at least three (3) months prior to the begging of semester when the course will be offered.

Upon the formal acceptance by the iPodia Alliance Office, partnering universities have three (3) months to recruit students for the course on their own campuses before the targeted semester begins.

The execution and delivery of an iPodia course will be the full responsibility of all partnering universities under the coordination of the course hosting institution.

The iPodia campus liaison of the course host institution will submit a brief report to the iPodia Alliance Office within three (3) months upon the successful completion of the said course.