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2011 Final Presentation of iPodia Class

June 6th 2011, Beijing, China

Final presentation of 2011 iPodia class was held in the Century Hall of PKU in Beijing. Nobel prize winner Prof. Edmund Phelps attended this event to send his encouragements.

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Final Presentation of 2011 Class

2011 Group Trip in Beijing

May 16th 2011 - June 8th 2011, Beijing, China

During the 4 weeks stay in Beijing, in addition to completing the team projects, 18 USC iPodia students also had many interesting excursions to explore the local community.

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2011 Group Trip in Beijing

2010 Group Trip in Beijing

May 18th - June 14th 2010, Beijing, China

Following the 12 USC iPodia students to explore the mysterious Beijing - one of the most famous cities in the world! 

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2010 Group Trip to Beijing

2010 Group Photo of iPodia Class

May 20th 2010, Beijing, China

Combination of 6 colors, each color represents a unique iPodia team. Meet the 2010 iPodia class!

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Group Photo of 2010 iPodia Class